Fair Play Festival


Join us for an evening of theatre with six original plays performed at Eclectic Theater Friday 12/16, Saturday 12/17 with a Sunday matinee on 12/18!


Festival Produced by Leonard D Goodisman and Patty Carlson
Program and Graphics by Jeff Weedman

Stage Manager Wendy Blackwood

Board Operator Richard Deskin

Publicity Zoë Richter

HAZELBERT by Leonard D Goodisman
Co-directed by Wendy Blackwood and Leonard Goodisman
Starring Annika Knapp and Marshall Link
This one’s scary. She frightens him; he frightens her; they’re both scared.

TWO FOR ONE Written and Directed By Josie DeLellis
Joyce: Paula Wilson Nitka
Kaitlin: Jana Blumberg
Anthony: Christopher Chambers

Two adult siblings on an outing bring their different personalities into play.

WOMAN WITHOUT HER COAT Written by Jorj Savage
Directed by Molly Blades
Carter: Chris Mathews
Ji: Laurel Clark

Do these unlikely lovers have a chance together? This is the culminal scene in Jorj Savage’s two-character play “Woman Without Her Coat.”

WOMEN RAP THE GENERATION GAP by Wendy Joseph, Jordan Kerbs, Leonard D Goodisman
Directed by Leonard D Goodisman
Starring Wendy Joseph and Jordan Kerbs

Grandma may attack but Jumping Jordan raps back.

A NIGHT IN GAIL Written and Directed By Chris Mathews
Steph: Jana Blumberg
Jan : Paula Wilson Nitka
Speed Bump: Molly Blades
A slice of life drama set in a woman’s prison

THE BLACKOUT Written by Patty Carlson
Directed by Dave Cuomo
Rich: Mark Gladding
Rita: Kate Muldoon
Skip: Christopher Chambers
Shipyard Liz: Jana Blumberg
Denny: Charles Mickelson

A gritty drama set in the early 1980s. It explores addiction, PTSD, and loyalty.

THE BLACKOUT will not be playing on Sunday, Dec. 18

RELAX THEATER: jeffmaxweed.wix.com/theater-plays

Eclectic Theater is powered by Shunpike

Sponsored by 4Culture.

Sponsored by Eclectic Theater.


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