Fair Play Festival

fair play poster 2017 2

Fair Play Fest

Advance TIX are $11 at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2942905

June 1-4. Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm.

Eve’s Dream” by Leonard Goodisman directed by Karen Demasters.

Joanne Burger – Eve
Patrick Hogan – Adam
Tina Worthey – Prayer Person
Gargoyles” by Wendy Joseph directed by Wendy Joseph

Starring Mari Waller, Aaron H.R. Allshouse, music by the Spanish Inquisition.
The Heart Locker” by Tom Hanrahan directed by Susan Bradford
Damage Control” by Eva Moon directed by Eva Moon,

starring Jessica Moss

Midsummer’s Morning After” by Chelsea Pedro directed by Connie J. Sponheim

Starring: Bridgett McCloskey, Eric Wu, Jordan Henderson
Honestly” by Leonard D. Goodisman directed by Leonard D Goodisman

Patrick Hogan – Father
Maren Patrick – Mother
Teen – Daisy Schreiber
Stage Manager Natalie Berg

Sponsored by Eclectic Theater.

Powered by Shunpike.

Sponsored by 4Culture.


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