Next Week at Eclectic Theater: Kitmir! The Mammoth! An Evening of Eclectic West-coast Electro-acoustic Manical Improv! And More!


Monday, July 11, 2016

In the summer of 1970 nineteen year old Jerry Colton fails out of college and is drafted into the United States Army. He volunteers to be a Scout Dog handler where he meets Kitmir, a mixed breed German Shepherd on dog pound death row. Kitmir is enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Military Working Dog. Colton and Kitmir train together and deploy to Vietnam as a team. Man and dog form an uncommon bond as they share the same life, risk, and threat of death and must rely on each other for their survival. Colton and Kitmir serve with distinction earning the trust of battle-hardened combat infantrymen as they lead countless patrols through the brutal world that is the Vietnam War.

Tickets are $10 at

Directors’s Notes:

I met Tom Voytko in 1992 in San Diego. He had joined my improvisational acting workshop. Tom was a Marine and the idea of a Marine studying with me was intriguing.

Tom and I have worked together ever since. He has been a member of my workshops in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York and we have worked together to develop KITMIR, written and performed by Tom.

Tom has been around the world on various deployments as a Marine and served in Desert Shield/ Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Tom sent letters home while deployed overseas and I was fortunate to be on his mailing list. I learned to admire his literary brilliance.

Before KITMIR we worked on Tom’s solo show, YEAR OF THE RAT, about his time at Virginia Military Institute, from which he graduated in 1987 with a BA in History and a BA in Modern Languages (German).

Tom retired from the Marine Corps in 2009 and returned to school on the GI Bill graduating from Portland State University in 2013 with a BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice and a BS in Film Studies with a Minor in Theater.

Gary Austin – Founder and Original Artistic Director of The Groundlings.



[LIMITED SEATING. Tickets to The Mammoth are $10 online and at the door (cash or card). Online sales close at 4 pm on July 12th.]

Tuesday, July 12th
Doors @ 6:30 pm – Jam @ 7 pm

The Mammoth is a monthly long-form improv jam on every second Tuesday at Eclectic Theater!

Maybe you’re completely new to improv. Maybe you’ve tried short form but not long-form. Maybe you’re a grizzled veteran who just grumbles things like “good move” instead of laughing. Good news! The Mammoth is for you!

Show up by yourself or with friends! Leave with more friends! Everyone gets stage time!

The Mammoth is hosted and produced (with love) by Human Resources Improv.


Poster July 13 2016 Zero Collective Eric Ostrowski Noisegasm OwL_Dent Eclectic Theater Seattle

Seattle’s Eclectic Theater presents An Evening of Eclectic West-coast Electro-acoustic Manical Improv.
Wednesday, July 13th, 2016
Zero Collective
Eric Ostrowski
Eclectic Theater
Seattle Wa
All Ages, 8pm

Zero Collective brings together ideas and sound into cohesive ether. Drawing from energies emerging from Canada to Mexico and back again. Buckle up for the ride of your nighttime.
Eric Ostrowski has been a pillar of the PNW experimental community for ages. Working in mediums of Avant-Film, soulful-riffing and spiritual evocation improvisation, Ostrowski bends the light at the end of the tunnel and points it back far enough for the audience to briefly catch a glimpse.
Noisegasm expands and contracts upon the notion of sound experiences as song. Audible discharge form Noisegasm may be exceptionally gratifying, especially for the whole family. Please consult your musician before trying this at home.
OwL-Dent is the elusive creature of Kent. Spotted in the urban and dystopian neighborhoods alike, OwL-Dent has become akin to the rarest birds in the Pacific Northwest. Come sit a spell and hear a tale of wishes and dishes as told by the old wise one himself.


The next Art Walk is Thursday, July 14. 5-8pm.

Join us in the lounge for a drink with some of the cast of Midnight Mystery Theater. The next Midnight Mystery Theater show is on July 15th.



13612196_10208571568120027_6317952404917081468_nMidnight Mystery Theater

Friday, July 15, 2016 at 7:30pm.


When a strange aircraft is sighted hovering over a drive-in theater which only plays Ingmar Bergman Movies (The Symbol of Death That Ate Stockholm), and the sheriff’s of Albert’s Kookie’s daughter may have been apprehended by aliens-it’s a job for hard hitting space cops Hadly and Reed of “Rocket Squad” to crack the case.


In the story of lust and power in a town which has neither, the Payne Sisters Areola and Chlorella run against each other for mayor as the double dealings abound with fertilizer kingpin and entre manure’s son Clive Clapwinger attempting to fix the election and a disgruntled fourth grader hires a local hockey failure, whose dream it is to be on a box of Wheaties as a woman, (His insurance only covers his hands) to beat up the campaign manager of Areola Payne-Tuna Belle Ripper, who moonlights as a theatrical reviewer, trashing elementary students, all in a dangerous game of dirty politics and super shaky ethics.

Josie DeLellis (Prompter), Sarah Haskell, Josh Kibbey (Sound effects), Nate Maddox, Jane Martin, Chris Mathews, John Ruoff, Rick Springer (Music), Gail Wamba, and Jeff Weedman

Written and directed by John Ruoff.

Advance Tickets are $10 at Brown Paper Tickets, $12 at the door.

Powered by Shunpike.

Sponsored by 4Culture.

Co-Produced by Eclectic Theater.



Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 10:30pm.

Welcome to NOT TOO LATE WITH ELICIA SANCHEZ! A public access late night talk and variety show hosted by, well, comedian Elicia Sanchez, with her lovely and talented co-host/band leader, comedian/non-musicianNick Sahoyah and filmed in front of YOU, our live television studio audience! Each month NTL brings you a variety of performers, stunts, comedians, special guests, musical acts, random weirdness and general late night antics to thrill, surprise and mostly entertain you!

This month we welcome to the NTL stage: More unnecessary antics from KEVIN THE CAMERAMAN! Tips on staying cool from NTL’s OFFICIAL COOL CORRESPONDENT, 11 YEAR OLD AVA! The stand-up comedic talents of local favorites MEAGAN ALBRIGHT and RYAN CASEY! Official champion of sorrow ANNA THE SAD! The passionate politics of slam poet JON AMAZON! A special visit from x-traordinary A-list actress FAMKE JANSSEN! Magical musical guest SEA OF SLUGS! Another exciting installment of SEATTLE’S GOT SPECIAL UNIQUE AND PRAISE-WORTHY TALENT! And MORE!

At Eclectic Theater (1214 10th Ave.)
Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door!
Doors are at 10:00 PM, Show starts at 10:30 PM!
Beer and cocktails will be available in the theater lobby!

Powered by Shunpike!

Sponsored by 4Culture!
More info at:


13217285_10209354257482273_8360863873078682203_o (1)

Episode II

Monday, July 25 at 8pm

More music? New guests? SUBTLE FORMAT CHANGES?!?

More info soon.



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