This Week At Eclectic Theater: A Pair To Remember!


Wednesday, June 22-Friday June 24th, 2016 at 8pm

$20 at

Limited Engagement — 3 nights only!
My two favorite solo shows — back to back in one evening.

The Ukrainian Dentist’s Daughter is based on my mother’s life — a story whose linchpin is my mother’s wedding day.

I Think My Heart Needs Glasses is based on my own life — my journey with love, grief, and the search for peace.

Revisiting these shows has been a joyous revelation, solidifying my connection to my past and heritage, and a lesson in gratitude as I plan my own wedding and look toward my future.

Come on this adventure with me.

“It is just Kesala, a bench, and an acted story which has a miraculous rhythm and a beautiful flow from goofiness to stillness and back again…a truly accomplished soloist…Go.” –Charlebois Post

The Ukrainian Dentist’s Daughter


“Heartwarming and absolutely charming” says The Visitorium.
“Nothing short of amazing…Simply Fantastic” says Montreal’s Bloody Underrated and the Victoria Times Colonist says “Phenomenal”.

In downtown New York we meet Maya, a 24-year-old Ukrainian girl about to be married. With her husband-to-be already 2 hours late, she starts looking forward at the new chapter of her life while reliving all of the moments that brought her to this church on New Year’s Eve, 1967. It is a true story of Ukrainian heritage and American spirit that transcends time in a single heartwarming performance.

I Think My Heart Needs Glasses

Read about the creation of the play!

Best of Fest Winnipeg Fringe 2013

“I Think My Heart Needs Glasses is a
brilliant follow-up to Kesala’s
The Ukrainian Dentist’s Daughter. Not only is this a
Rite of Passage piece for this performer; it celebrates and illuminates her personal growth and victories as a person.
This show should not be missed.”
–Cole Hornaday, SeattleStar

Victoria Times Colonist


On day one of a silent meditation retreat we meet Yana, a novice meditator who’s a bit skeptical about the whole thing. With 10 days of silence ahead of her and 28 years of baggage behind her, she explores the scars left on her heart from years of running into walls with love. It is the true story of a mission for the perfect prescription.

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Monday, July 11 at 8pm.

Advanced Tickets at

Written and Performed by Tom Voytko

A soldier. His Scout Dog. The Vietnam war. A story of love, trust, and betrayal.

In the summer of 1970  nineteen year old Jerry Colton fails out of college and is drafted into the United States Army. He volunteers to be a Scout Dog handler where he meets Kitmir, a mixed breed German Shepherd on dog pound death row. Kitmir is enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Military Working Dog.  Colton and Kitmir train together and deploy to Vietnam as a team. Man and dog form an uncommon bond as they share the same life, risk, and threat of death and must rely on each other for their survival. Colton and Kitmir serve with distinction earning the trust of battle-hardened combat infantrymen as they lead countless patrols through the brutal world that is the Vietnam War.


I met Tom Voytko in 1992 in San Diego.  He had joined my improvisational acting workshop.  Tom was a Marine and the idea of a Marine studying with me was intriguing.

Tom and I have worked together ever since.  He has been a member of my workshops in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York and we have worked together to develop KITMIR, written and performed by Tom.

Tom has been around the world on various deployments as a Marine and served in Desert Shield/ Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Tom sent letters home while deployed overseas and I was fortunate to be on his mailing list.  I learned to admire his literary brilliance.

Before KITMIR we worked on Toms solo show, YEAR OF THE RAT, about his time at Virginia Military Institute, from which he graduated in 1987 with a BA in History and a BA in Modern Languages (German).

Tom retired from the Marine Corps in 2009 and returned to school on the GI Bill graduating from Portland State University in 2013 with a BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice and a BS in Film Studies with a Minor in Theater.

Gary Austin – Original Founder and Director of The Groundlings


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