This Week At Eclectic Theater: The One-Act Fair Play Festival and Not Too Late For Elicia Sanchez! Plus Coming Soon!

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The One-Act Fair Play Festival features startlingly original and expressive works by local artists. Our Mission: To encourage and facilitate groups and individuals to share their identities, cultures, and artistry through dramatic and comedic works.


Thursday, JUNE 16TH

Woman Without Her Coat (excerpt)
Owned Beyond Death
Lunchtime With Gary
Who Needs Feng Shui?
50 Shades of Schadenfreude

Friday, JUNE 17TH

The Wandering Goose
This Is How It Is
Owned Beyond Death

Saturday, JUNE 18th

The Wandering Goose
The Merkle
Who Needs Feng Shui?
This Is How It Is

Sunday, JUNE 19th

The Merkle
Lunchtime With Gary
Woman Without Her Coat (excerpt)
50 Shades of Schadenfreude


Woman Without Her Coat (excerpt)
Written by Jorj Savage
Directed by Molly Blades
Woman Without Her Coat – Could opposites attract?

Laurel Clark – JI
Chris Mathews – Carter

Who Needs Feng Shui?
Written by Eileen Hong
Directed by Eileen Hong and Tomoko Saito
Eileen Hong, who grew up in the ethnic Chinese society in Vietnam, writes plays that reflect her background, which is made up of three cultures.
Who Needs Feng Shui? is about a writer who tries to cure her writer’s block with feng shui. Will she succeed?
Kathy Okawa – Jennifer Tan
Allen Go – Michael Tan
Tomoko Saito – Ms. Vong and Ms Huang

Owned Beyond Death
Written by Eva Abram
Directed by Jeff Woodbridge
Owned Beyond Death features costuming by Janessa Styck.
Eva Abram

Lunchtime With Gary
Written and Directed by Monty Saasen
Lunchtime with Gary explores the relationship between the different personalities of office co-workers and their varying opinions on topics – such as cooking shows and fine cuisine.
Mara Stevë – Diane
Max Kerwien – Ted
Monty Saasen – Gary

50 Shades of Schadenfreude
Written and Directed by Chris Mathews
In 50 Shades of Schadenfreude, Virgil the vegan has five minutes before he becomes a full on zombie. Will he be able to convince his fellow undead to make better dietary choices in that time!?
Isaiah James – Virgil
CJ Chambers – Ana
Max Kerwien – Kevin
Molly Blades – Kole

The Wandering Goose
Written by Michael Dreger and Clara Hayes
Directed by Michael Dreger
Adapted from a story by Heather L. Earnhardt,
The Wandering Goose is a modern fable of how love goes. With sound design by Huntington Filson, scenic concept by Silas James, costume design by Miranda Troutt. Emily Cioc is stage manager.
Claire Marx – Goose
Hannah Osgood – Bug
Hannah Rockel – Blackbird

Written and Directed by Leonard D Goodisman
In Ashes, Mrs. G is seeking something, and we will understand what it is as soon as she does.
Michelle Conklin – Mrs. G
Jeff Weedman – Henry

Adapted and Directed by Dan Niven
In Results, imagine receiving a serious, perhaps fatal, diagnosis. How would you handle the news? As told by David and Johnny to M. Barrett Miller in Ice: A Journey in Isolation.
Dan Niven

This Is How It Is
Written by Caitlin Coey
Directed by Kate Myre
Nazlah Black – Lila
Meranda Long – Olivia

Written by Karen Demasters
Directed by Sarah Kleehammer
In Stalker?, sometimes people are not who we think they are.
Kristen – Laurel Clark
Barbara – Chasity Ellenburg
Andrew – Greg Beach

The Merkle
Written by Patty Carlson
Directed by Jeff Weedman
A tenant at The Merkle is scaring other residents with his odd behaviors – on an elevator long rumored to be haunted.
Charles Mickelson – Larry
Molly Blades – Joanie
Chris Mathews – Caesar
Jeff Weedman – Craig
Ellen Covey – Candy

Partnered with RELAX! Theater:

$10 Online, $12 at the door.

Produced by Eclectic Theater!

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Sponsored by 4Culture!



Not Too Late With Elicia Sanchez

Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 10:30pm

Welcome to NOT TOO LATE WITH ELICIA SANCHEZ! A public access late night talk and variety show hosted by, well, comedian Elicia Sanchez, with her lovely and talented co-host/band leader, comedian/non-musician Nick Sahoyah and filmed in front of YOU, our live television studio audience! Each month NTL brings you a variety of performers, stunts, comedians, special guests, musical acts, random weirdness and general late night antics to thrill, surprise and mostly entertain you!

At Eclectic Theater (1214 10th Ave.)
Tickets are $10 in advance at, $12 at the door!
Doors are at 10:00 PM, Show starts at 10:30 PM!
Beer and cocktails will be available in the theater lobby!

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Sponsored by Eclectic Theater.




Wednesday, June 22-Friday June 24th, 2016 at 8pm

$20 at

Limited Engagement — 3 nights only!
My two favorite solo shows — back to back in one evening.

The Ukrainian Dentist’s Daughter is based on my mother’s life — a story whose linchpin is my mother’s wedding day.

I Think My Heart Needs Glasses is based on my own life — my journey with love, grief, and the search for peace.

Revisiting these shows has been a joyous revelation, solidifying my connection to my past and heritage, and a lesson in gratitude as I plan my own wedding and look toward my future.

Come on this adventure with me.

“It is just Kesala, a bench, and an acted story which has a miraculous rhythm and a beautiful flow from goofiness to stillness and back again…a truly accomplished soloist…Go.” –Charlebois Post

The Ukrainian Dentist’s Daughter


“Heartwarming and absolutely charming” says The Visitorium.
“Nothing short of amazing…Simply Fantastic” says Montreal’s Bloody Underrated and the Victoria Times Colonist says “Phenomenal”.

In downtown New York we meet Maya, a 24-year-old Ukrainian girl about to be married. With her husband-to-be already 2 hours late, she starts looking forward at the new chapter of her life while reliving all of the moments that brought her to this church on New Year’s Eve, 1967. It is a true story of Ukrainian heritage and American spirit that transcends time in a single heartwarming performance.

I Think My Heart Needs Glasses

Read about the creation of the play!

Best of Fest Winnipeg Fringe 2013

“I Think My Heart Needs Glasses is a
brilliant follow-up to Kesala’s
The Ukrainian Dentist’s Daughter. Not only is this a
Rite of Passage piece for this performer; it celebrates and illuminates her personal growth and victories as a person.
This show should not be missed.”
–Cole Hornaday, SeattleStar

Victoria Times Colonist


On day one of a silent meditation retreat we meet Yana, a novice meditator who’s a bit skeptical about the whole thing. With 10 days of silence ahead of her and 28 years of baggage behind her, she explores the scars left on her heart from years of running into walls with love. It is the true story of a mission for the perfect prescription.

Sponsored by Eclectic Theater!

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Sponsored by 4Culture!



SMFA: On the Road

Saturday, July 9, 2016. 11am-4pm

The Self-Management for Actors one-day seminar with Bonnie Gillespie is all about giving a good workout to those weakest actor muscles: the ones that focus on the business side of your career.

The bulk of our time together is spent on the marketing side of things, talking about what you’ve done (and could be doing) for your career (marketing and craft), brainstorming great ideas for moving out of stuck places, discussing audition tactics, discovering how to perform within alignment to your true “type,” targeting the people in this industry that provide the best opportunities for mutual benefit, and building your actor muscles in ways you may not have even thought they could be strong.

In our jam-packed seminar, we’ll cover:

  • marketing materials
  • primary type
  • targeting people who consistently cast your type
  • targeting best-fit agents and managers and coaches and photographers
  • self-taping to LA standards
  • identifying and reducing bad actor habits
  • developing your personal pitch
  • producing your own content
  • Hollywood myth-busting
  • networking tactics
  • becoming a booking machine for your agent
  • connecting with a supportive, encouraging, no-bullshit group of people

…all while having a blast!

Next up: Saturday, July 9th in Seattle



To register:



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