This Week At Eclectic Theater: Casting for Senior Escape and The Gate! Plus Coming Soon!



 CASTING NOTICE for promotional video for a feature film.

Saturday, January 24, 9am-4pm

We are looking for “Alaskan Blackwoods Thieves”.
Female or Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 – 65. Come dressed to impress as your best Hillbilly Thief and your audition could possibly land you a featured part in the Senior Escape Movie.

Blackwood Thieves (Any gender, Females are encourage to apply.)
RICKY FARLEY, EDDIE HARDY and DALE are small town grungy rednecks, known by locals as harmless petty thieves. They live together in a small shack in the woods just off the shore on Adak Island. The three ran away as small children to become squirrel hunters, which did not work out so well. Now stuck with a ton of pelts, they eat beans and search for any speck of gold to sell to Buck Anderson.

BUCK ANDERSON’S ship went down off the shores of Adak Island more than a decade ago. He has been hunting for the missing Alaska Treasure ever since. Self-obsessed and wrapped in his own weirdness, Buck barters, sells and trades gold. His best customers are the Blackwood Thieves.

All people auditioning for the promotional video should be able to move well. When you attend the Open Call, you will be asked to complete an audition form and identify if you are a SAG-AFTRA member. We are accepting union and non-union actors at this time. Upon selection, production dates, script and location will be disclosed. If selected, Actors will be paid.



The Gate 

by Leonard David Goodisman

Choi Sook Sook: a shy Korean woman who marries an American soldier despite her family’s objections. This character ages 25 years in the course of the play (20 – 45)

Park Joong San: Choi’s father, a traditional Korean man. This character ages 25 years in the course of the play (40 – 65)

Nam Min Mi: Choi’s mother, a loving but obedient Korean wife. This character ages 25 years in the course of the play (40 – 65)

Captain/Minister/Bob Large: We are seeking one versatile middle-aged Caucasian actor to play all of these roles.

General Auditions will be Saturday, January 24 from 4-6pm and Sun, January 25, 1-4pm.

For more info and to submit:

A black GI in Korea falls in love with a pregnant Korean girl and wants to marry her, despite the most “well-intentioned” objections of their families and the army. The couple marries and moves to the States, bringing a bit of Korea along with them. Cultural misunderstandings continue to pursue them, but their quiet love and mutual respect eventually triumphs.

This one-act play previews Thursday-Saturday at 8pm and Sun at 2pm , April 9 – April 12 and runs through May 9, 2015



Saturday, February 14 at 10:30pm! Wilfred Padua (opened for Michael Ian Black) Brent Flyberg (Bridgetown Comedy Festival) and Tanner Hodgeson (Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival)

“Seattle’s current best bet for the future of local comedy.” – City Arts Magazine

Bringing you great National and local comedy to venues all over Seattle.




Saturday, February 21 at 10:30pm

Welcome to NOT TOO LATE WITH ELICIA SANCHEZ! A late night talk and variety show hosted by, well, comedian Elicia Sanchez and her lovely and talented co-host/band leader, comedian/non-musician Nick Sahoyah! Each month NTL brings you a variety of performers, stunts, comedians, special guests, musical acts, random weirdness and general late night antics to thrill, surprise and mostly entertain you!

We are kicking off the inaugural NTL with the comedic talents of local likables,  and SCOTT LOSSE! As well as some special guests, including: A tamer of the Animal Kingdom! The Original Gak Band! Feats of Strength with a real life Seattle Superhero! And a closing comedy performance by Portland treasure, the amazing BRI PRUETT!

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door!
Doors are at 10:00 PM, Show starts at 10:30 PM!
Beer and cocktails will be available in the theater lobby!



The Long Road by Shelagh Stephenson (U.S. Premiere)
Produced by Arouet
February 27-March 14, 2015
Eclectic Theater
Directed by Zandi Carlson

In the aftermath of Danny’s pointless murder, his family struggles to find meaning and forgiveness. A hearbreaking journey to forgiveness, this topical play digs deeper than the headlines. Stephenson spent many hours talking with victims and perpertrators of violent crime, visiting prisons and collaborating with the Forgiveness Project, a charity working in the fields of reconciliation and restorative justice. The result is an astonishingly ran and affecting play intent on opening the hearts and minds without ever becoming preachy. (source:

Meet the cast and crew of The Long Road.


Two women held in a life-threatening situation and the mind games they play to keep one another alive. Held in a room and chained apart, their only currency is words, and balance of power is everything when a single word becomes the hanging point between life and death. A full scope of emotions is played out in their competitions, which are alternately funny, fragile & fierce. It illuminates the strength of the human spirit, and the psychological cost of survival.

Nine is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Meet the cast and crew of NINE.

All performances at Eclectic Theater at 7:30PM on the dates below:
Friday February 27
Saturday February 28
Monday March 2
Thursday March 5
Friday March 6
Saturday March 7
Thursday March 12
Friday March 13
Saturday March 14


Thu-Sat, March 19-April 4, 2015.

Advanced Tickets are available here:

Coming in March, Robert Downing performs scenes from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” and tells you what to think about it!
This one-person show plunges deep into the guts of a great political tragedy and its enduring relevance.
“The New Shakespearience Presents Julius Caesar” is a 90-minute performance combining an original monologue about Shakespeare’s play with scenes from the actual play. The audience takes a key role in the show by voicing the lines–projected onto a screen–of the Roman mob. The energy in the room reaches a fever pitch during Mark Antony’s funeral speech, as the audience jeers, sobs, and roars with rage at Antony’s rhetorical masterpiece. The result is funny, provocative, and “the first time I’ve ever enjoyed Shakespeare”, according to some audience members.
Writer-actor Robert Downing draws from his experience as a union organizer to answer the question, “just how DO you organize a political conspiracy, anyway?” He explains the strategies Cassius uses to recruit Brutus into the conspiracy, and how he finally screws it up. The clash of political ideas comes to life on stage: republicanism vs. monarchy, principle vs. loyalty, and justice vs. ambition.
“The New Shakespearience Presents Julius Caesar” is completely unique: a mixture of stand-up comedy, ancient history lesson, TED talk on the theory and practice of organizing, and gripping scenes from a great Roman tragedy. You don’t want to miss it!
more information at



Che and the Gate 

by Leonard Goodisman

April 9-May 10, 2015

Thu-Sat at 8pm and Sun at 2pm.

A black GI in Korea falls in love with a pregnant Korean girl and wants to marry her, despite the most “well-intentioned” objections of their families and the army. The couple marries and moves to the States, bringing a bit of Korea along with them. Cultural misunderstandings continue to pursue them, but their quiet love and mutual respect eventually triumphs.


Above The Timberline by Jorj Savage and The Last Cat of Big Moon Canyon by John Ruoff

Thursday-Saturday  at 8pm and Sun at 2pm. May 21-June 20, 2015


Seattle Fringe 2015

Thursday, September 16- Sunday September 20, 2015.

The Seattle Fringe Festival is a 5-day annual theater festival featuring an eclectic mix of artists, from raw and untested to perfectly executed, in a variety of genres and styles. Originally existing from 1991 to 2003, the new Seattle Fringe Festival was reborn and debuted September 19th-23rd, 2012. No connection between the two festivals.

The fest features a mix of local and visiting artists, representing a huge variety of genres, all performing on some of the most prominent fringe theatre stages in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood.

Visit our website ( for more details and performer applications. And keep an eye on this page for all the latest news from the fest, our venues, performers and fans!


Winter Bird

A Gothic Fantasy written by Steve Treacy

October 1-30, 2015

Thu-Sat at 7:30pm, Sun at 2pm.

See how many librarians and physicians (colleagues of Peter), Irish folk (friends of Sean), and goths (minions of Thiera) you can spot in the lobby.

Previous draft received Honorable Mention:
Virtual Theatre Project’s 2008-2009
The Pen Is A Mighty Sword.

A World Premiere produced by Rik Deskin* and Steve Treacy*!

This production is being presented under the auspices of the Actors’ Equity Association Members’ Project Code.

Tickets are $25 at the door.

$20 for TPS members. $15 for Military/Union/Veterans. $12 for Students/Seniors. FREE for AEA and SAG-AFTRA Members that are current and have their Member card.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.



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Eclectic Theater is a professional theatre company in Seattle, WA., dedicated to producing and presenting original, contemporary and classic works for the stage and screen. Plays, Improv, Stand-Up and Sketch Comedy and more! Eclectic Theater is powered by Shunpike. Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that fuel innovation in the arts by building productive partnerships, cultivating leadership and providing direct services to arts groups of all kinds. Learn more at
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