Bonnie Gillespie’s Self-Management For Actors Seminar

On Saturday, September 15 from 9:30am-4:30pm, noted Author, Casting Director and Producer Bonnie Gillespie presents her Self-Management For Actors Seminar here at Odd Duck Studio!

The Self-Management for Actors one-day seminar with Bonnie Gillespie is all about giving a good workout to those weakest actor muscles: the ones that focus on the business side of your career.

In our jam-packed seminar, we’ll cover:

  • marketing materials
  • primary type
  • targeting people who consistently cast your type
  • targeting best-fit agents and managers and coaches and photographers
  • self-taping to LA standards
  • identifying and reducing bad actor habits
  • developing your personal pitch
  • producing your own content
  • Hollywood myth-busting
  • networking tactics
  • becoming a booking machine for your agent
  • connecting with a supportive, encouraging, no-bullshit group of people

…all while having a blast!

After you’re registered, you’ll receive an email with information on how to prepare for our time together.

Wait? Homework? What?

Yup. The SMFA seminar is filled with awesomeosity, but it rocks even harder (and so do you) when you show up prepared, open, and ready to kick ass. So, there will be a bit of prep work to do, once you’re registered.

Rules of the Self-Management for Actors seminar are simple:

  1. Communicate. (We can deal with anything, as long as it’s out in the open.)
  2. Don’t be late. (And, of course, communicate if you’re gonna be late, so we know what’s going on.)
  3. Share your toys. (We all benefit from shared relationships and tips for working this biz and getting the most out of everything we experience.)
  4. Give solution-oriented feedback. (We encourage brainstorming, talking about good ideas, suggestions for improvement, and positive feedback.)
  5. Have fun. (If it’s not fun, why do it?)
The bulk of our time together is spent on the marketing side of things, talking about what you’ve done (and could be doing) for your career (marketing and craft), brainstorming great ideas for moving out of stuck places, discussing audition tactics, discovering how to perform within alignment to your true “type,” targeting the people in this industry that provide the best opportunities for mutual benefit, and building your actor muscles in ways you may not have even thought they could be strong.

Basically, we’re here to facilitate awareness and growth for you as an actor by getting ninja with the business side of things, not to teach acting. You’re a pro. You just need the support of knowing how to access your marketing abilities. Yes, you already have them. You just have to get the muscles conditioned and keep ’em toned.

That’s what Self-Management for Actors is all about.

Ready to get on our email list to receive information about our tour? Thanks! Click here. Need more nitty-gritty info about the registration process and pricing? Click here.

Would you rather tier-jump via our web-based version of class, at your own pace, stretched out over 12 weeks? Or in the “Six Weeks To LA” program online? Maybe the SMFA Essentials? Good news! You can Get A-Listed HERE! 🙂

And if you’re ready to get registered for our upcoming seminar in your area, head on over to the REGISTRATION page and let’s make this happen! Yay!

We’re so excited to work with you! Let’s get ninja!



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