This week at Odd Duck Studio: September 15-19, 2011

Our weeks may seem weird, but typically begin on Thursday and will end on Monday for this cooling week of September. 🙂

September Skies will begin it’s third week of performances Thu-Sat @ 8pm and Sun at 2pm. $10-$25 PWYC. Advance TIX at 206-679-3271 and at

Read what reviewers have said and this show is a Seattle Weekly Pick of the Week!




Thursday at 10:30pm is ETC’s weekly open mic for Stand-Up, Improv and Sketch Comedy: The Comedy Workshop.

Hosted by Rik Deskin and featuring some of Seattle’s up and coming Comedians.

$5. Advance TIX at 206-679-3271 and at

Rik Deskin on the set of the SAG New Media Series, "Look Up In The Sky."

Friday at 12:10pm is our weekly lunch show Brown Bag Comedy! This week’s featured Comedians are Barbara Sehr and Kristina McMillen. Show starts at 12:10pm $5 (free for comics and SAG/AEA/AFTRA members) Bring your lunch and we’ll bring the jokes.


Friday at 10:30pm is Drop The Root Beer And Run presents an Improv Triple-Header!

One night, three hot improv groups! Your only chance* to see The She-Spot, Interrobang?! and Drop the Root Beer and Run all at once.

$10 tickets on Brown Paper Tickets, or via phone order at 206-679-3271.

The SheSpot is a two-woman improv team, made up of Laura Turner and Lauren Skelton. The SheSpot hatched out of a crazy plan and a lot of big talk that accidentally became real. The only thing we promise is to be more awkward than you…on stage and off.

Interrobang?! Improv is a Seattle-based improvisational group that creates original long-form shows, whether narrative or free-form. Our latest show is completely free-form improv that tends to hew closely to one or two themes either tangentially or directly related to an audience suggestion. Shows are typically only appropriate for adult audiences and are often very dark. Current members are Becky Bartlein, Jillian Boshart, Chris Bryhan, Dave Clapper, Kai Curtis, Randy Miller, Jim Reardon, Phoebe Richards, Bryan Sullivan, and Shira Wilson. Tonight’s performance will feature Jillian, Chris, Randy, Jim, and Bryan.

Drop the Root Beer and Run, Seattle’s thirstiest and stickiest comedy troupe, was founded in the winter of 2011 by Generation Friends alumni Corbin Smith and Matt Hatfield in grand ol’ Olympia, Washington. Specializing mostly in long form improvisation, DTRBAR has since relocated to Seattle and expanded to doing the occasional sketch comedy. You can see them every Friday night at 10:30 beginning August 5th at the Odd Duck Studio (1214 10th Ave Seattle, WA).

Drop The Root Beer And Run

Interrobang?! Improv.


On Saturday at 10:30pm is the

Improvaganza Preview Night: Seattle Edition

Puppet This and Eclectic Theater Company present

IMPROVAGANZA Preview Night: Seattle Edition

– The Great Puppet Happiness Machine
– Super Mega Art Show
– Dirty Laundry

with Rik Deskin as your M.C.

Enjoy a sneak preview of 3 great Seattle improv acts before they head out to Improvaganza! Hawaii Festival of Improv.

– The Great Puppet Happiness Machine –
For puppets, being ecstatically happy is the status quo, so what will they do when they discover that one of their own is suddenly and shockingly sad? Luckily for them, mad scientist Professor Mysterio has created a machine that will keep everyone happy for the rest of time..or else.

This musical improvised show combines adult improv savvy with the style of classic children’s shows (The Bugaloos, H.R. Pufnstuf) to transform your fears, bad days and tragedies and into happiness any way they can. Even if that means singing about kittens.

– Super Mega Art Show –
If there’s one criticism most people have of performance art it’s that it’s not pretentious enough. Hanz and Hiemen are here to solve that problem. These two fake foreign artists make more artistic art in a minute than most artists make in a lifetime.

Art is Truth. Truth is Pain. Pain is Funny. Super Mega Art Show.

Created by Dartanion London and Graham Downing

– Dirty Laundry –
(from Wing-It Productions)
An improvised couples therapy play that takes a comedic look at love, lust and relationships. We take a couple from the audience and thrust them into therapy to show just how close they are to making up… or breaking up. The therapy session drives the show through flashbacks, flash-forwards, and hypothetical scenarios as we explore the crazy ups and downs of love!

Tickets: $12
$10 for students/seniors/TPS/Military/Veterans/Union Members

or at the door

*This show is recommended for mature audiences.


On Monday at 7pm is a Script Reading Workshop of Ginger’s Tale

Warm up round to TheFilmSchool’s popular Caught in the ACT! series.

Alum Kent Jameson will run the creative gauntlet as his script GINGER’S TALE will be read live by SAG Actors, with realtime feedback from screenwriting and directing pro’s.

Last event was sold out / standing room only so get those RSVP’s in.

TAGLINE: The story about a man and his dog (and the woman his dog becomes).



About eclectictheater

Eclectic Theater is a professional theatre company in Seattle, WA., dedicated to producing and presenting original, contemporary and classic works for the stage and screen. Plays, Improv, Stand-Up and Sketch Comedy and more! Eclectic Theater is powered by Shunpike. Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that fuel innovation in the arts by building productive partnerships, cultivating leadership and providing direct services to arts groups of all kinds. Learn more at
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