WA State Theatre & Film Artists, and all Residents: Vital Legislation To Support For The Future of The Arts & Film

Dear Friends,

This week there are two important issues to take action on for the future of Arts & Film in Washington State. It’s important that everyone is clear that there are events on both Tuesday (HB 1997) & Wednesday (HB 1554 and SB 5539) in Olympia to be present at and at a minimum to write your State Senators and Representatives about. Do not put this off. Do not let apathy have a negative effect on the future growth of Arts and Film.

I know that this week, a good number of our local Actors, Artistic Directors, Casting Directors and various Theatre folks will be engaged in the Theatre Puget Sound General Auditions, but do not let this prevent you from participating either in person on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. Both of these days and the Bills pertaining to 4Culture and Motion Picture Competitiveness have a direct impact on what Art projects we may be able to get funded via grants or on Film, T.V, Commercial, Industrial, New Media projects that Actors and Crew might be employed on.

This is our time to shine and show our Legislators that we are a force to be reckoned with and that what we do is vital for maintaining and cultivating Arts and Film in WA State. And that support and passage of these Bills are revenue generators as well as job creation mechanisms.

Please take the time to let your Legislators know how important the Arts and Film are. Make me proud. 🙂

In solidarity,

Rik Deskin



Eclectic Theater Company

The first is from the Advocate 4Culture page: http://www.advocate4culture.org/

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! King County’s Economic Development bill just dropped in the House today. According to 4Culture’s blog post on the subject, HB 1997 would secure a solid future for 4Culture’s arts, heritage, and preservation funding programs.

Advocates in Olympia

HB 1997, was drafted by King County leadership in conversation with key support from key legislative champions in the House and Senate. The lead sponsor is Representative Orwall. The bill proposes to secure existing visitor taxes and direct them toward economic development activities: arts & heritage, tourism-related facilities, such as the convention center, community development activities, low-income housing developments, and revitalization of the historic Pioneer Square district and culturally rich International District.

King County’s press release on HB  1997


There are more than 700 people and organizations listed on this site who are part of theAdvocate4Culture Coalition, and all of our House Reps across King County and the state need to know that we support this bill, and we need their leadership to pass it!


1. Find the contact information for your Representatives:http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx. You’ve got two. They both need to hear from you in the next 4 days (by Tuesday). Call or email them and tell them you support HB 1997 and that bill needs to get passed this year, or the arts/heritage programs you value in King County will be cut by 90%. This is urgent and has no impact on the current year budget.

2. HB 1997 is scheduled for a hearing this Tuesday, February 22nd at 1:30 p.m.  We need a flood of advocates at the hearing. We know it’s a burden for some to get off work, but if it’s at all possible, YOUR attendance will make a huge difference. We can arrange transportation. Email us by Monday at 4pm if you want a ride. Otherwise, check back on the blog soon and we’ll post more info about the room. Here are driving directions and a campus map.

3. Tell everyone you know about steps 1 & 2.



P.S. We also want to note that the Senate dropped a bill late yesterday – SB 5834 – it is a smaller bill that addresses some of the funding for 4Culture, but not the rest of the economic development/tourism package that King County leadership is pushing for. The best message you can give legislators now is: “Please support HB1997, King County’s Economic Development bill that includes 4Culture. Arts & Culture are an important part of King County’s plan to create jobs and improve our economy by bringing more visitors and tourism spending to King County communities.”

The second is from the WA Filmworks page: http://www.washingtonfilmworks.org/



Join fellow film industry workers and Washington Filmworks for “Film Day in Olympia” on Wednesday, February 23 in support of HB 1554 and SB 5539, the legislation to renew the state’s Motion Picture Competitiveness Program. The time has been changed from 10:00am – 2:00pm to 12:00pm to 4:00pm. The production incentive program remains the single best tool we have to win motion picture business in Washington and in this difficult economic climate, your support is critical to get the incentive program renewed.

If you have four hours to give to this effort, now is the time: We will need between 50 to 75 local film industry workers to volunteer for the Film Day event, to meet with legislators and share how the incentive program impacts the lives of Washington state cast and crew. If you are available and willing to help, please send an email to Info@WashingtonFilmworks.org with the subject line, ” Film Day in Olympia.” Please include your name, phone number (cell preferred), affiliation with the industry, your address and/or your Legislative District number (to find out who your elected officials are click here) in the body of your email. We will follow up with more detailed instructions. Thank you!

–Amy Lillard, Executive Director of Washington Filmworks


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