The Comedy Workshop Debuts On Thursday December 23!

A weekly opportunity for professional and amateur comedians, sketch comedians, and improvisational actors/improvisers to test new material and to develop their acts.

Inspired by The Comedy Workshop and Comics Annex of Houston’s Comedy scene in the 1980’s to 1990’s, Alum Rik Deskin, Actor and Artistic Director of Eclectic Theater Company wants to help cultivate and enhance Seattle’s Comedy Scene by creating a venue where comedians can perform between 5 to 10 minutes of material each.

Thursday nights. Time may vary depending on each week’s schedule. Odd Duck Studio.

January 6 @ 10:30pm

January 13 @ 10:30pm

January 20 @ 10:30pm

$5. Advance Tix available by phone at 206-679-3271 and at


Produced by Eclectic Theater Company.

NOTE: No one under 21 years old will be admitted.

(The following is inspired by The Comedy Underground’s rules for Open Mics and modified for Eclectic Theater Company’s Comedy Workshop)

Note to performers: The Comedy Workshop Information.

Each week ECLECTIC THEATER COMPANY presents The Comedy Workshop for professional and amateur comedians, sketch comedians, and improvisational actors/improvisers to test new material and to develop their acts. If you are interested in participating, be aware that this stage time is precious. Use it productively. Do not waste this valuable opportunity by going on unprepared or by performing material that’s been worked to death.

Avoid doing racist, sexist or homophobic material (especially if it is mean-spirited). Stolen material is, of course, unacceptable.

Set length is five (5) minutes MINIMUM and ten (10) minutes MAXIMUM. The board operator in the tech booth will start fading out lights, and fading up segue-way music at the end of each set.

The Comedy Workshop sign-up begins via email and ends 30 minutes before showtime.  There may be more comedy acts than slots available. If you do not make it onto an evening’s performance list you may request to be “bumped” (presigned up) for another Comedy Workshop. On that new night, you must check in no later than 30 minutes before show time or you may be erased from the list.

The show order is composed after sign up closes.

Consideration for available slots is given as follows:

* First to professional comedians and to performers bringing TWO or MORE paying guests

* Then to comics “bumped” to that night and those with only one paying guest

* Next to (your name here) if you do not fit into any of the above

*Digital Shorts and commercial parodies may be submitted no later than one week before to be screened as part of the performance.

Once at least 25 TIX are sold each night, the revenue from TIX sold above that number will be evenly split up among acts.


Rik Deskin
Artistic Director
Eclectic Theater Company


About eclectictheater

Eclectic Theater is a professional theatre company in Seattle, WA., dedicated to producing and presenting original, contemporary and classic works for the stage and screen. Plays, Improv, Stand-Up and Sketch Comedy and more! Eclectic Theater is powered by Shunpike. Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that fuel innovation in the arts by building productive partnerships, cultivating leadership and providing direct services to arts groups of all kinds. Learn more at
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