Playbill for FourPlay: Seattle Playwright’s Put Out

F o u r P l a y

Original works penned by four
of Seattle’s emerging playwrights
Odd Duck Studio: 1214 10th Avenue
June 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19 at 8 PM
Presented by Eclectic Theater Company

Shot Through the Heart
Written by Elisabeth DeVos
Directed by Elizabeth Tanner
We Hold These Truths
Written by Moll Frothingham
Directed by Louise Penberthy
– Intermission –
Tuna and Tea
Written by Suzanne Bailie
Directed by Jeff Woodbridge
Kiss, Damn It!
Written by Jim Moran
Directed by Rebecca Goldberg
From the Page to the Stage
I’ve loved theater since my dad started
taking me as a kid, and I became a
published novelist over a decade ago, but
it wasn’t until 2007, when I heard about
Seattle Dramatist’s Open Box, that I took
the playwriting plunge. Enticed by the
chance to have a short section of work read
by experienced actors, I cranked out Shot
Through the Heart in one night. It amazed
me how much faster the writing went when I
wasn’t responsible for conjuring the set,
costumes, stage directions, and sound
effects with words! At Open Box, I
experienced the thrill of seeing my story
brought to life — and sharing that with my
audience. What a contrast to the solitary
labor of creating a novel that is performed
only in the privacy of the reader’s mind!
The collaborative, communal nature of the
theater generates energy born of the
moment, unique to each show. And the
stage’s immediacy and intimacy provide
dramatic opportunities that fiction cannot.
I’m awed and honored by the creativity,
skill, and insight that the directors and
actors are bringing to these plays. Each
has been transformed in its journey from
the page to the stage – for me, in ways
that are surprising, entertaining, and
illuminating. As you watch the result of
our collective effort, I hope you’ll agree.
Elisabeth DeVos
Writer, Shot Through the Heart

A Director’s Note
There is nothing like directing new work to
remind me that theatre is a collaborative
art. The four playwrights whose work you
see here tonight have given us words and
stories that are in their own very
different ways funny, insightful,
thoughtful, and innovative and I thank
them, and all of the other playwrights who
submitted work to this project, for taking
on the daunting and often thankless task of
writing for theatre. I also want to thank
the actors who took their words seriously
and gave them life and truth. I want to
thank our stage manager, our designers, our
producers Jesse Putnam and Eclectic
Theater, and all of our funders who gave us
the means to show you the worlds that these
playwrights created. Finally, I want to
thank each and every person in the audience
because you, my friends, are the final
piece of the puzzle. These plays are real
because you are watching them. There are
many plays out there — good plays — that
will never see the light of the stage and
when you consider the number of people, the
time, the energy, and the money that went
into even this modest project on this tiny
stage, you start to see why that might
happen. A thousand thank yous for the part
that you are playing right now to bring
these four short plays to life. May they go
forth and multiply.
Rebecca Goldberg
Director, Kiss, Damn It!
FourPlayers: Eva Abram plays Ingrid in Shot Through
the Heart, Keiko in Tuna and Tea and Good Cop in
We Hold These Truths ■ Zach Adair plays Bad Cop in
We Hold These Truths ■ Tom Brophy plays Bobby in
Kiss, Damn It! ■ Richard Buckley plays Bailiff in
We Hold These Truths ■ Carrie Cates plays Lisa in
Shot Through the Heart ■ Jenn Hamblin plays Lizzie
in Kiss, Damn It! ■ Jack Hamblin plays Cupid in
Shot Through the Heart ■ Josh Hartvigson plays
Black Horseman in Kiss, Damn It! ■ Tom Spangenberg
plays Beggar in Kiss, Damn It! and Hiroshi in Tuna
and Tea ■ Darlene Sellers plays Marta and Police
Officer in Tuna and Tea ■ Chris Ransom composed
the rap and Murphy Stevens provided movement
consultation for Shot Through the Heart
Stage Manager: Laura GoodwinLighting Designer:
Lysha HammSound Designer: Shane ReganCostume
Designer: Kat HenwoodCarpenter: Tellier Killaby
Producers: Rik Deskin and Jesse Putnam
Volunteers: Jennifer Kallmeyer, Ben Sondker and
Julianna ChenPresenters: Amontaine Aurore, Paul
Mullin, Daniel Tarker, Scot Augustson, Kate
Gavigan and Rik Deskin
Supporters: David & Mary Thomas, Julia Terry,
Judi Bartels, Jon Locke, Jan & Eliot Putnam,
Rita Putnam, Sabrina Putnam, Jennifer Putnam,
Bob McElwain and John Valentine.
There are many people to thank for their work on
this show: writers, directors, cast, crew, donors
and, of course, Rik for allowing us to play in his
space and being so helpful. But Laura Goodwin, our
talented and forever patient stage manager,
deserves special praise. Laura made this journey
much more manageable than it would have been were
she not leading the team. Thank you, Laura! – JWP


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Eclectic Theater is a professional theatre company in Seattle, WA., dedicated to producing and presenting original, contemporary and classic works for the stage and screen. Plays, Improv, Stand-Up and Sketch Comedy and more! Eclectic Theater is powered by Shunpike. Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that fuel innovation in the arts by building productive partnerships, cultivating leadership and providing direct services to arts groups of all kinds. Learn more at
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